Use this Pekka Deck for the Ladder and Challenges

This Clash Royale deck is composed of Pekka , Zap , Cannon, Battleing Ram, Miner, Ice Spirit, Bats, and Baby Dragon. You might probably think that this is a bridge spam deck, but that’s not the case. As I’ll explain how each card is used you’ll understand the main strategy behind this Clash Royale deck.


This is one of your main attack cards because the Pekka has a huge health and hits like a truck. The problem, however, with the Pekka is that she is very slow and is prone to damage as she makes her way towards the enemy tower. You’ll be using the Pekka on one of the princess towers initially and use a Baby Dragon along with it so that it can reach the tower.


This card can used to kill hordes and also to finish off enemies that are too close to the towers or when your towers have a very low health.


I encourage you to use this card after either as your first wave with a Battling Ram on a tower . The tower will go down in no time.

Battling Ram

Use this card to finish off a tower immediately as a distraction and you can place a miner on a different tower. This is surely enough surprise your opponent.


If you have the tower’s defenses distracted this card might be enough to take it down if it has the time.

Ice Spirit

This card can provide a nice air defense like its counterpart. It can take a hit and continue without dying so it can work against various enemies that throw projectiles. An added benefit is that it can freeze an enemy for 1.5 seconds which can also stop an enemy from charging.


Bats provide a solid air defense and can also distract the tower’s defenses as you use your miner.

Baby Dragon

This card is a classic at providing good splash damage and also offers great defense not only on your side but also for an offensive card like the Pekka.

Learn To Counter All Cards

This deck is good enough to tackle any other deck if you learn to place each card properly. You need to practice with some rounds and you’ll get how to use it. Clash Royale hacked apk 2018 is all about practice.

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