How to master the game of Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is a popular game which is found on every other android phone. It is quite an addictive game and is played online. It requires great strategies. Here you have to build your clan by upgrading everything starting from mines to the town hall. And your only job is to collect a lot of coins or resources. Your clan can get attacked anytime of the day and hence you need to be alert whether your village has been raided or not. But if you are a beginner then you will need some guidance to master this game.

Tips on mastering the game

After installing the game, you will be given a village. You will have a town hall which you need to protect. As you will be a newbie, hence there will be a shield that will protect your village against attacks. So use the entire time in upgrading the town hall. Try to upgrade it to 2 or 3 level. Refrain yourself from using your gems and do not spend your elixir or gold for clearing the rocks or trees. Use them to upgrade the elixir collectors and gold mines so that it can produce more.

When your shield is off, then other villages can attack you but not if you have zero trophies. Villages that have zero trophies like you will try to attack to gain some resource but will probably have a weak army. Your only job is to protect your gold mines and upgrade them.

After your town hall reaches to level 4, then you can attack other villages so gain some resources. Getting trophies won’t be an issue here and is it advised to focus mainly on getting many resources. Even if you can’t win the battle try to make as much loot as you can. Build walls for protecting the gold mines, canoes and gold storage.

It is quite hard to level up the town hall from 5 to level 6 as you will need 800.000 gold. As the defensive capability of town hall 5 is quite weak so upgrading the town hall quickly will be a good decision. If you have enough gems, then you can easily upgrade the builder’s hut. Attack the weak villages to raid the maximum gold and train your troops of goblins and wall breakers you so can easily defeat weak defenses to collect near about 50.000 gold.

After you have made your village strong with upgraded versions, then you can join other clans to fight together. The best part of upgrading everything is that it will take a lot of efforts for other clans to destroy your properties and even if it happens your upgraded elixir collectors or gold mines will take very less time to produce a huge amount of resource. And you can get better troops only if you upgrade them which will eventually unlock the stronger troop members. These are some Clash of Clans cheats to play the game properly without wasting many gems.

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