Do not just play Hay Day, win it

The technological advancement that the current generation has been facing has not only resulted in a widening of the distance between two individuals but also has made them self-centered in nature. This means that people in the present times have moved away from nature. The connection that an individual share with the environment around him have been lost. This can be solved with the help of the game Hay Day. The game allows the player to obtain the simple joys of farming. The game Hay Day allows the player to develop his own farm and carry out the other related activities.

The tips that can be utilized to play the game

Hay day is a simple game but can be challenging for those gamers who are in the constant need of leveling up and acquiring the required experience points. A player can just go on playing the game unless he can collect the required experience points or he can follow the tips or guides for the better playing of the game. The Hay Day cheats that can be used to achieve the desired outcome has been listed down as follows:

The player can get the diamonds, as the diamonds are the major forms of currency in the game. The player can get these diamonds by making a payment of the real world money. But he can make use of other methods for the acquiring of the diamonds in the game. This can be explained with the help of an instance. A player who follows the game Hay Day over Facebook is will be rewarded with a single diamond. But when the player logs into his Facebook account via the game will be rewarded with five diamonds.

The player can also obtain sufficient amount of coins by the selling of the items at a profit that had been bought by the player previously. The gamer can opt to buy the construction materials like dynamite in huge amounts. This is because the selling of the items at a rate of 180 to 220 coins can result in a quick and extra source of income.

Another important consideration that should be noticed by the player is that the player should opt to speed up the process of production by the utilization of the diamonds. A significant factor that can be observed by the player is that as the game progresses the pace of the game becomes slower, so the diamonds should be invariably used.

The player should try to buy the wheat and store it in the silo unless it is full. Now the player should opt to plant the half of the wheat and then the device should be turned and should be shaken for the cutting down of the wheat. This will help the player to collect certain items for free.

The player should be aware of the time when the crops have matured. This means that when the crops have matured no advantage can be acquired from the patches on which the plants have been rooted upon. So new crops should be planted and the process of cultivation should be started all over again.

The player must also know that the crops that grow at a slower rate are much valuable. The gamer needs to hold his patience in order to enjoy its benefits.

Revive the connection with nature

Revive your connection with nature with the help of the game Hay Day. This means that the player will be able to learn the critical tips of farming and can experience the feel of working in the field, under the Sun. Moreover, the game sincerely intends to revive the long lost connection between the player and his surrounding environment or nature.

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