A guide on the roads and zones of SimCity buildit

SimCity buildit was developed by EA and was launched in the market in 2014. This is a mobile simulation game, and you can easily play it on your Android or iOS devices. This game is user-friendly. It’s quite different than most of the ordinary video games. But you need to plan everything from the beginning to reach higher level easily.

The game will start when you become the mayor of the city. Your job is to make more buildings and renovate all the Infrastructures so that the population of the city can easily live there comfortably. Whenever you achieve some level, you will be rewarded with some points or SimCity buildit free simcash, otherwise you could use a simcity buildit hack 2018. Upgrading everything is the only way to move further in this game. You have to provide services to the population of the city. For doing all this, you will need to have resources or currency which is the simcash in here. Another important thing is the layout of the city which will determine how better your city will be for living. So avoid spending on unnecessary services or buildings and save it for future use.

An overview of the roads and zones

Roads: The roads fall under the services of the city. You have to utilize the building tools and make roads which consist of double lanes. So you cannot build the roads which are having higher capacity if you don’t upgrade them. At the beginning of this game, you will be getting either 2 to 4 or sometimes six lanes for starting the game.

Zones: SimCity buildit game has five types of the zone which includes the residential area. These zones are Tokyo town, Omega zone, residential zone, London Town, or Parisian zone. If you can have the lands which have high values, then you will get SimCity buildit free simcash in this game.

If you can keep these points in mind, then building the right roads and the perfect zones will be easier for you. A proper strategy with the proper layout will help you to score extra SimCity buildit free simcash. And as a Mayor, you must provide all the required services to the population of the city. It will help you to get some taxes in return. So, better services will provide you with better taxes. So spend the SimCity buildit free simcash carefully otherwise you won’t be able to provide all the services to your people.

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